We need to protect our environment

Let's work together for a sustainable future

Climate change, destruction of rainforests, marine pollution: Our planet is in great danger. We all need to help Mother Earth keep her delicate balance.

Our policy: World in our Hands!

The destruction of our natural resources is speeding up. There is only one way to respond to this development:

There is no time to lose, we have to walk the talk!

Taking our future in our own hands

Our contribution to environmental and climate protection


… this is what NEF is fighting for.

The companies belonging to NEF Group contribute actively to protecting the environment and combating climate change by producing biofuels, biogas and electricity from solar energy. KFS Biodiesel, for example, reduces CO2 emissions by 80 % by using refined waste edible fats. And this climate-friendly and sustainable fuel is not in competition with the food industry.

We ensure a sustainable value chain from farmers and farm shops to production facilities. Any proportions of this fuel that cannot be used for production are returned to the farmers as fertilisers or animal feed, resulting in a closed-loop material cycle.

Greenhouse gases / CO₂

Greenhouse gases causing global warming!

Over millions of years, the climate system of the earth was in the balance. Human interference, however, may tilt this balance. The natural greenhouse effect is compounded by the excessive combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. So global temperatures are rising. Driving, flying, heating, powering machines, burning down forests – never before has mankind pumped as much carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere as last year. The figures leave only little room for interpretation: The Dutch environmental research institute PBL and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission have recently demonstrated that in 2011 global CO2 emissions amounted to an enormous 34 billion tons. The development of renewable energies to substitute fossil fuels contributes considerably to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

NEF stands for renewable energies – please stand with us !


Our policy: Saving resources.

When selecting our feedstock, we pay great attention to the origin of the resources used, which mainly consist of residual and waste materials as defined in the Regulation on Biofuel Sustainability. This choice helps us produce biodiesel that only requires a minimum of fresh plant-based oils.

Different production plants are used to generate biogas. There are facilities for renewable resources that use substrates consisting of biodegradable biomass such as manure, energy crops (mainly corn silage) and agricultural by-products or organic waste. But there are also co-fermentation plants where left-over food, fats, residues from the food industries as well as other organic waste are fermented.


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